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Spa treatments

Massage antistress

To relieve the stress, relax the body and release the tension.

Massage with the candle
Un treatment particularly enjoyable, relaxing, regenerative, activating and nutrient for the skin. It is a combination of heat, aromatherapy and massotherapic tecnique.

L ymphdrainage “Original Methode” Dr. E Vodder (Facial/Body)
This method improves the circulation and increases the expulsion of toxins and the excess of liquids.

Deep massage
An intense and deep massage that improves the vascularization and the muscle relaxation.

Shiatsu Massage
Shiatsu is a technique to rebalance the body’s energy and helps rid the body from stress by returning energy.

Thai Foot Reflexology
The feet have an extraordinary wealth of nerve endings, which have a reflex action on the whole body. The pressure with the thumbs prevents and trats many disorders restoring balance to the body.

Relaxing Massage for the Back

Regenerating Massage for the Legs

Scrub Treatment
Mineralized marine seaweed regenerates body skin cleansing it from impurities and restoring it atonic and clear looks.

An intense hydration with replenishing treatment combining manual massage and higly rehydrating products. Regain a perfectly moisturised, supple and luminous skin.

Slimming – Tonic up Tratment
The clay, the essential oils and the marine seaweed perform a great purifying action and contribute to effectively counteract cellulitis.

Moisturisation-Soothing Treatment
Designed for the most sensitive skin, this treatment combines gentle massage and products rich in restructuring and soothing active ingredients. A genuine source of soothing and comfort that evens out the complexion.

Purity Treatment
A treatment that offers an ideal balance between purity, softness and hydrated skin. Gives a matte, even glowing complexion.

Renovateur Anti-Age Treatment caviar and pearl crystals
An exceptional anti-ageing treatment that targets wrinkles, slackening and tightness.