Hotel with massage centre

Hotel Villa Fraulo, with its massage centre, provides guests with an exclusive service that makes their holiday even more relaxing.

As a part of the wellness centre of this hotel in the Amalfi Coast, it boasts warm, embracing tones with calming plays of lights, aromas and sounds.

An oasis of relaxation where guests can get rid of all the toxins they’ve accumulated over time and the stress of daily life.


Hotel with massage centre in the Amalfi Coast


The massage centre offers an exclusive selection of treatments carried out by our expert and professional staff with oils and products of the highest quality.

Guests can choose among different types of massages.

Our de-stressing massage was designed to alleviate stress, relax your body and get rid of all tension. It releases all your nervous tension by removing muscle blocks, and diverts your attention from the outside world to get you in touch with your inner world.

It also activates regenerative processes in the brain and stimulates endorphin production with pleasant pain-relieving effects.


Hotel with massage centre in Ravello


With our massage with candle, scented oils are gently poured on your body from candles. Deep relaxation and regeneration are the benefits of this skin-activating and nourishing treatment. A manual lymphatic drainage that improves blood and lymph circulation and helps you get rid of toxins and excess liquid.

Our connective tissue massage uses specific manipulation techniques that reach and stimulate your deepest tissues, such as connective tissue. It stimulates a particular area of your body and benefits both your skin and your organs, and also improves muscle relaxation and vascularisation.


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